• Nandan V

Why Apple might flip the ringer on the October launch event

Everyone has high expectations for the launch event scheduled for this October. However, there is a high chance it's not gonna happen the way we expect it.

Hardware vs Software

The key reason why Apple might opt for a silent launch of all it's new products this October s because they're all hardware. Apple's attention towards software and services like the iPad OS, Apple Arcade and Apple TV + might be overshadowing the importance of hardware. It is true that up until iOS 12 Apple was rigorously working on ensuring the best performance and starting from the A11 Bionic Apple has always had at least a year lead on pure performance numbers. Apple probably thinks it's time for the software to catch up to the hardware.

The lack of interest in a full-blown launch event from Apple does not point towards a poor product lineup, it simply means it's probably not the highest priority as conducting these events suck up a lot of resources, I'm not talking $$$, but time.

This is just a heads up, Apple might just update the product page on its website and call it a day.

To know more about what's gonna be launched, head over here.


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