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intel - Forced into submission? Core - X 10th Gen processors launched

The year 2019 turned out to be a great year for building PCs. The launch of Ryzen 3rd Gen processors stirred the pot and resulted in a few interesting moves from intel. Let's have a look.

AMD is on a great run! First Nvidia and intel. The fierce competition AMD is offering will benefit us, the consumers.

Intel 10th Gen Core-X series processors

Early last week intel announced Cascade Lake - X processors hoping to take on AMD. Intel's plan? Cut prices by nearly 50%! This was done anticipating the new Threadripper CPUs and the Ryzen 3950X 16-core 32-thread beast which will launch for a mere $750 this November.

The 10th Gen processors come equipped with Turbo Boost 3.0 and higher clock speeds. They also support up to twice the maximum RAM at 256GB compared to 128GB of 2018.

The 10th Gen processors don't get the latest 10nm process and stick with the outdated 14nm process.

Calling the improvements minor would be an overstatement. The only real change is the price.

The 10980XE has the same base clock of 3.0GHz but 0.3GHz increase in the boost clock compared to its predecessor and 4 more PCIe 3.0 lanes. The rated TDP remains the same at 165W.

The latest addition also supports quad-channel DDR4 up to 2933 MHz.

The price received the biggest update of 49.5% at $979 instead of $1979.

This increment in specs and decrement in price is identical across the board. Intel Core i9 9940X, 9920X and 9900X get the same treatment.

Intel 9th Gen processors

The K and F series 9th Gen processors are now available at much lower costs than last year. The K series are all processors with an unclocked core multiplier and F series CPUs lack intel HD graphics GPU. The F series was initially begun to sell CPUs with damaged graphics components. The graphics processing units were locked out and the CPUs rebranded with an F series tag.

Revised Prices

i9-9900KF—$463 (down $25 from $488)

i7-9700KF—$349 (down $25 from $374)

i7-9700F—$298 (down $37 from $335)

i5-9600KF—$237 (down $25 from $262)

i5-9500F—$167 (down $25 from $192)

i5-9400F—$157 (down $25 from $182)

i3-9350KF—$148 (down $21 from $169)

i3-9100F—$97 (down $25 from $122)


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