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MacOS Catalina - More than just an OS

macOS Catalina gives you more of everything you love about Mac - Apple

Apple just launched the latest version of it's Mac operating system dubbed the MacOS Catalina. Equipped with Catalina, the new macs open up a whole new spectrum of interconnectivity within the ecosystem, which already is a singularly unique feature of Apple and that just got a boost!

Let's break it up into pieces!

Source: Apple

All your favorite apps - Revamped

The iTunes app on the macOS just got dissolved. We now get individual apps for music, TV and podcasts. The Apple Music app is exactly what it is on iOS and iPadOS. The same can be said about Apple TV and Podcasts. Apple TV brings 4K HDR and support for Dolby Atmos.

The photos app gets a fresh new look that provides a "new immersive, dynamic look showcasing your photos and memories".

The notes app gives a clearer view of all your notes and Safari gets a redesigned start page.

Apple Arcade comes to macOS which is completely new gaming experience with really amazing titles. Apple Arcade also brings support for third-party game controllers like the Dual Shock controller of the PS4. iCloud game saves results in your progress seamlessly synced across all your Apple devices including your Apple TV.

FindMy app. Source: Apple

FindMy comes to macOS in this new edition and works just like the iOS or iPad OS app. This bodes really well for the new Apple Tags set to release sometime this October.

Screen Time makes an appearance of macOS Catalina, parents rejoice (Boo...).

SideCar - Do more with your iPad

The latest and most awaited feature of macOS Catalina is the ability to extend your workspace using your iPad and that's a ProMotion display if you have an iPad Pro!

Source: Apple

SideCar works through wireless or via a USB-C cable and provides a truly remarkable experience. SideCar can also be used to mirror your mac screen.

With SideCar you also get the Apple Pencil support on macOS.

Apple Watch starts talking

In macOS Catalina, we start seeing a wonderful relationship between it and your Apple Watch. For now, you can authenticate payments, app installs or unlock a locked note using your Apple Watch.

Source: Apple

Head over here for an elaborate list of changes.


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