• Nandan V

Pixel 4 - For your eyes only, open or shut

Google‘s latest smartphone, the Pixel 4 is a weird one. The specs hold good but Google‘s confidence in their facial recognition tech does not. The only way to unlock your Pixel 4 is using their facial recognition or manually entering the passcode.

Face unlock UI on the Pixel 4. Source: 9to5Google

The flaw

Unlike the security breach in Samsung, the one here is definitely a design flaw. The Pixel 4 can be unlocked even if the person is sleeping. The accuracy and speed (which is incredible) is not questioned here. It is good. However, this flaw means the phone can be unlocked without consent from the owner. Anyone can unlock it while you’re sleeping.

The solution

There is none at this point. Google has acknowledged the issue and has announced it will be fixed moving forward. This means your shiny new phone is shipping with a huge risk to your privacy. Now would be the best time to cancel that pre-order.


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