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2019 Apple iPad Review - Worth the Upgrade?

On September 30th, Apple refreshed the iPad. Let's find out what Apple has done this year to the already great iPad.

2019 Apple iPad. Source: Apple

The iPad has always been a great way to do things on the go. Apple is focussing its efforts to make the entire iPad range of products a viable replacement to your laptop.

Smart Connector

Apple has added the smart connector to this year's iPad resulting in a much more desktop-like experience by attaching a full-size keyboard. Pair this with the amazing new iPad OS 13 and the sky is practically the limit.

Full-size keyboard and Apple Pencil 1st gen. Source: Apple

The smart keyboard attachment will set you back $159 which is a bummer.

This year you're still tied up to the first-generation Apple Pencil which will get the job done.


The iPad from last year had a 9.7-inch display which wasn't really good since it had an air gap and wasn't laminate like the iPad Air. This time you get a 10.2-inch display giving you a lot more real-estate for creative projects.

For those who really care about a bright and wide gamut display with insane color accuracy, the iPad Pro is right there for you, which is expecting a refresh this October. (more about that here).


The iPad this year is still rocking the A10 fusion chip which is the same as last year's. The A10 Fusion is not slow in any respect. The new iPad is still snappy and can handle everything you throw at it. The only probable downside is that you don't get bragging rights while showing off Geekbench scores.

Apple A10 Fusion chip. Source: engadget

This is not to say nothing is changed internally, the RAM has been increased to 3GB from 2GB which should play really well with iPad OS 13.

The base model still has just 32GB and uses a lightning connector.

iPad OS 13

The star of the show is iPad OS 13. Spec sheets can only take you so far if the software isn't up for it. iPad OS offers a wide range of multi-tasking abilities which pan out identically across all the iPads, this is to say you will be greeted by the exact same experience on the iPad Pro while using this iPad.

Safari will give you the full-blown desktop experience instead of making you feel like using a glorified smartphone. It now features tabbed pages and a download manager. The new files app allows you to transfer files to flash drives.

Should you buy it?

At $329 for the 32GB variant, this minor update will not force you to update and you shouldn't. The logical upgrade for you is the iPad Pro.

However, if you're looking for a sub $400 laptop or an iPad, then this one is definitely for you.


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